Inspired by u/the_jons3y on Reddit, here’s a quick look at Windows 10 version reporting. the_jons3y asked:

Has anyone figured out a way to get to 1903 and higher to report correctly. I was using the report Windows 10 servicing details for a specific collection and when it reports back anything 1903 or higher the OS Release name just shows as Other. Is there a better spot for me to pull the correct version from so I could maybe edit this report to not show Other.

He’s running CM 2002, which is the latest release at the time of writing.

We know that ConfigMgr has an internal database of Windows 10 labels to versions. We can see this in SQL Management studio by running:

SELECT * FROM fn_GetWindowsServicingLocalizedNames()

In my environment I see this result:

The report in the Reddit post Windows 10 servicing details for a specific collection looks like this in my test environment:

We use the same dataset in Callisto to create a more attractive and more interactive view:

With the release data from we’re able to create the chart to show the support status as well as showing the servicing rings, build versions and editions etc.

And there’s a lot more data on our Operating Systems Dashboard: