In the Configuration Manager Windows 10 Servicing Node there’s some top-level dashboard stats to show you a handy breakdown of the Windows 10 versions in your environment. They’re handy for a quick glance, but you can’t drill into them (at least currently?) and getting to the data behind them can be fiddly. You may see some machines listed as “other”.

You may also notice that the numbers are slightly wrong in your environment. There’s something a bit off with this chart.

We format this data very slightly differently in Callisto:

In Callisto we can click through the charts to see the data behind, and we can surface a clickable data table to show the result set used to build the charts.

In the top chart in the console we see three “other” records, but in Callisto only one, which is an Insider Preview machine (Microsoft have changed the OS Caption in recent insider preview builds to strip out the “insider preview label, sadly). The total count of machines is the same, but the logic we’re using to group them in Callisto seems to be a bit more forgiving than the console, we use v_R_System_Valid, Microsoft do not and there’s some other query logic differences too.

The difference between the Console and the Callisto counts in our test environment are two machines the console registers as “other” which are Windows 10 1703, for some reason the Console doesn’t recognise them.