On the 5th August 2011 we launched our new company. On the same day the NASA Juno probe was launched. When Juno reaches its Jupiter destination in 2016 it will orbit the planet 33 times before being crashed into the surface. In this elliptical orbit Juno’s perijove (lowest orbit point) is 4,300 km above the surface with its apojove 2.7 million km further out.

Given the coincidence of our beginnings, naming the company after an element of the Juno mission was an attractive prospect. An accidental misspelling of “Apojove” revealed a Googlewhack on an amateur astronomer’s blog. Uniqueness is so unusual today, that this seemed a happenstance too good to pass-up.



NASA’s Juno Jupiter Probe. Image credit: NASA/JPL

…and they did it! Juno has successfully arrived into Jupiter orbit and will spend the next two years mapping and probing as all good spacecraft should. In the intervening 1.8 billion mile – five year journey, Apajove has all seen great success. We are now bigger than ever and growing year on year. The popularity of the solutions and partners we work with is at its strongest and we are looking forward to the launch of our new software product, named after one of the Jovian moons, Callisto is a HTML 5 dashboard solution providing reporting across the full System Center suite from a single website. Just as Juno provides a full planet view of Jupiter from its Apojove and detailed deep-dive data at its Perijove, so Callisto provides us with overview at-a-glance data with drill-through and filtering to slice and dice data as required across Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Service Manager and Orchestrator datasets. More on Callisto soon!