Here at Apajove we’ve been delivering Configuration Manager consultancy and support for the past eight years, our consultancy team have experience going back to SMS 1.2 and we are huge fans of ConfigMgr. One thing that we all agree on is that the data that ConfigMgr gathers is second to none, the next thing we all agree is that the way this data is presented is sadly lacking.

Which is why we created Callisto. This post will give a quick overview of how Callisto can greatly improve your compliance with software updates and give your management visibility of the health of the environment. Callisto does loads more besides update compliance reporting, for more info see here.

Configuration Manager reporting of software updates is primarily done using the SQL Reporting Services reports from the monitoring node. There are six reporting areas, for compliance we use Software Updates – A Compliance, the results of which are shown in the console

We can drill into these reports, but there’s no graphical representation, no date selectors and the click-through results are often difficult to interpret.

With Callisto what we want to provide is at-a-glance compliance statistics with the ability to immediately click through to get further detailed information. We provide several dashboards for this functionality.

The top level dashboard is designed for the management and technical users. At a glance I can see if the system is functioning, what updates I am missing, if there’s anything I have got wrong.

The scan activity bar chart shows when clients are submitting scan data and any errors in the environment. I can also see the least compliant computer and updates. All of this is clickable for more info, so if I want to see the updates that are required this month, I just click that tile.

Our All Updates view is a filterable, searchable view of the entire update manifest with updates filtered by date:

Popover text shows additional information. Clicking any update opens a modal window with all the data about that update gathered into one place.

We provide similar pages to report on update groups and update deployments, covering all the bases for compliance reporting. We also have reports for Windows 10 servicing upgrades.

All the report pages can be filtered by collection, update type and where applicable date. Why not give Callisto a try in your environment, free trial available and licensing from as little as $0.50 per client per year.

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