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Creating and assigning roles

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The user role in Callisto dictates which pages and features a user can access. Callisto is provided with default roles which give access to all areas for each technology (for example “Configuration Manager User” has visibility of all ConfigMgr pages).

In this exercise we will create a Software Updates user, assign an AD Security Group and test functionality for a software updates analyst.

  1. Log in as a Callisto Administrator and navigate to Administration – Roles.
  2. Click “Create new role” from the top right of the Roles screen
  3. Add a Role name of “Software Update Analyst”
  4. Tick the AD Role option and type in the name of your Active Directory Security Group

5. Click the Permissions tab
6. For our Software Update Analyst role we are going to give access to just the Software Updates page in the Configuration Manager area:

7. Click Save in the bottom right of the page
8. Log in with a user who is a member of the Active Directory Group you have associated with the role and you will see the Software Updates area is the only one available to the user:

Note that a user can be a member of several roles, allowing the administrator to limit access to as many or as few Callisto areas as required.