Sporting Body

Sporting Governing Body implements System Center Configuration Manager to enable deployment of updated Windows image across old and new sites.

“System Center enabled the rapid deployment of Windows 7 Enterprise, BitLocker, Endpoint Protection and the latest version of the Microsoft Office platform to our new location to support very tight development schedules. The same toolset then gave us the ability to refresh the in-place existing environment reducing cost and impact to the end-users.” says a Senior Business Analyst at the organisation.

The organisation faced a number of technical challenges. A new business location required a full Windows desktop environment. The existing site was running Windows XP and an older version of Microsoft Office. To deploy the new computers, refresh the existing computers and introduce a single management platform across both environments. The sporting body turned to Softcat and Apajove.

Business Needs

All current machines were running Windows XP SP3, but there was little standardisation within this OS with multiple build versions. Logon times had grown for some users. The Windows XP machines were running Office 2003 and the users were beginning to experience compatibility issues as other areas of the business and their partners and customers moved to later Office versions.


Softcat and Apajove demonstrated the capabilities of the Configuration Manager 2012 product version. The sporting body then commissioned Apajove to design and implement Configuration Manager at the new site to enable the deployment of Windows 7. Once this project was complete, Apajove extended Configuration Manager across the existing environment to enable deployment of Windows 7 to the Windows XP machines. Deployment of Windows 7 was carried out using Configuration Manager and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit using Lite-Touch, USB media, Zero Touch and PXE boot services depending on the deployment scenario. Configuration Manager is now used to deploy computers, for application installation, patch management, inventory and remote support across the organisations’ core locations.