Ealing Borough Council

Rethinking the notion of ‘the workplace’ to transform community engagement and services.

The Challenge

Ealing Borough Council operated outsourced legacy IT systems that were outdated and inefficient. The legacy tools in-use created numerous data silos, relied heavily on manual processes and could not provide a detailed view of health, compliance or security across the environment.

A major transformation project to refresh the IT environment and bring support back in-house was initiated, with the primary aim of providing automation and end-user self-service across the IT landscape.

Ultimately, Ealing Borough Council wanted to innovate the traditional ‘workplace’ and transform the way they worked, in order to improve the services they offered to the local community.

The Solution

Ealing Borough Council selected Apajove as their partner to assist in the design, implementation and support of a new systems management platform utilising Microsoft System Center suite. This solution gave Ealing Borough Council enhanced control of their IT environment.

And the flexibility provided by Callisto from Apajove allowed managers and team members to access and analyse data relating to software inventory and usage, mobile device inventory and compliance, without requiring support from IT.

A new System Center Service Manager service desk solution was implemented to automate processes, including service requests and changes, and the visibility and data accessibility created by Callisto made it possible to track its performance on a daily basis.

“Access, monitor and react to data across the full System Center Suite.”

Digital wallboard displays were set up using Callisto to provide monitoring and service desk statistics in real-time, widely used throughout the organisation to provide reporting and dashboarding solutions across the System Center toolset.


By adopting an agile working strategy, Ealing Borough Council saw a fundamental shift in the way its infrastructure was supplied and managed; providing more flexibility and enabling staff members to work more efficiently.
With Callisto, Ealing Borough Council can now access, monitor and analyse data across System Center from a single centralised location, allowing management to maintain assets more effectively and make informed, strategic decisions to improve the quality of work.

Crucially, they can now streamline and automate processes, saving time and improving reliability.

And it all plays out in the real world too.

System Center and Callisto have played a major role in Ealing Borough Council becoming both reactive and proactive with management data. Not only changing the way data is shared internally, but using it to transform the way they engage with and serve the community.