We’re pleased to announce the availability of Callisto 1901. This release has focussed primarily on infrastructure and performance enhancements. We have a new installation routine which makes the database configuration more reliable and assists with first use. We are now able to set a default collection on a per-user level to provide a filtered view of resources in Configuration Manager and we have made significant performance enhancements for initial page load.

New installer. The Callisto installation routine now allows for browsing of SQL location for the Callisto SQL database installation, enables the configuration of connection strings for System Center databases prior to install and will set the website path used in email communications automatically. The new installer also handles upgrade and uninstall more elegantly than previous installer and manages the Callisto SQL Database upgrade natively. Also provides post-install launch and information and creates a Callisto shortcut on the start menu

Default Device Collection Setting: Administrator can set the default collection for charts and pages rendering Configuration Manager data on a per-user basis.

The screen shot shown below compares two user accounts. One has a default collection set to a collection containing All Dell Machines (3 of them), the resulting change to the Hardware Inventory page alters all the statistics to only those contained machines.

The user can still change the chart data using the filter options if required. The dashstats and chart defaults will always be those configured by the administrator for the user. This setting is used across all Configuration Manager pages which allow collection filtering.

Page Load Improvements – Configuration Manager pages now load the datatables and filters below all chart objects on demand, this improves page load times by up to 80% in larger environments.

External Data configuration and test – A new function in the administration – Settings node allows for the enabling and disabling of external data.

If external data collection from Microsoft (for support statistics on Windows 10, Office 365 and Configuration Manager) is disabled, a cached version will be presented in the relevant locations. This data will be refreshed with each Callisto product update but will obviously lag the live Microsoft data set. A function to test internet source connectivity is also now provided.

Software Updates Dashstat Changes – following customer feedback we have replaced the “Required Updates” dashstat with a “pending restart” dashstat. Most customers seemed to express that the “required updates” number wasn’t particularly interesting or useful.

The Operations Manager Management Pack Data Volume page now defaults to one day of data to improve initial load time in larger environments.