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Creating an OS Deployment Dashboard

The number one customer request for Callisto in recent months has been for some visibility of OS deployment. In the ConfigMgr console we get some reasonable stats, but they're not particularly intuitive, you need the console installed and it's not really appropriate...

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Windows 10 Servicing “Other” Records

In the Configuration Manager Windows 10 Servicing Node there's some top-level dashboard stats to show you a handy breakdown of the Windows 10 versions in your environment. They're handy for a quick glance, but you can't drill into them (at least currently?) and...

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Alert Escalation with Native Operations Manager

An interesting request by a customer recently, where they wanted to have Operations Manager alerts of a certain criteria escalated to other teams, should the alert remain unresolved for x number of minutes. You'd probably begin to think that were going to need an...

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Using System Center to get valuable business insights

Chances are, your business uses Microsoft System Center. It’s the industry-leading tool, but it has some notable limitations. Although it has vast capabilities and provides a rich source of data with information and telemetry across many areas, it can be difficult to...

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Installing Roles and Features error 0x800F0922

You can drive yourself mad with this stuff. There's loads of blog posts and StackOverflow questions and answers about this, but I didn't find anything that quite addressed it for me, so as a quick note... If you can't install a role or feature, and your dism...

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SCCM 2012 Internet-Based Client Deployment

Under SCCM 2007, Native Mode was a bit of a pain. You couldn’t mix and match http and https enabled clients in one site, so even where you didn’t need the HTTPS level security, you had to have it and there was always a client with a certificate issue somewhere. So,...

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Detecting and Disabling BitLocker During OSD Task Sequence

There are quite a few blog posts and articles that provide guidance on how to enable BitLocker during an OSD Task Sequence, however most (if not all) of them omit critical information as to how to correctly handle the detection and disabling of BitLocker during the...

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