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SCCM 2012 Internet-Based Client Deployment

Under SCCM 2007, Native Mode was a bit of a pain. You couldn’t mix and match http and https enabled clients in one site, so even where you didn’t need the HTTPS level security, you had to have it and there was always a client with a certificate issue somewhere. So,...

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Detecting and Disabling BitLocker During OSD Task Sequence

There are quite a few blog posts and articles that provide guidance on how to enable BitLocker during an OSD Task Sequence, however most (if not all) of them omit critical information as to how to correctly handle the detection and disabling of BitLocker during the...

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ConfigMgr 101: Patience dear boy… SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP

In ConfigMgr world, one must learn patience – in particular when installing hotfixes, service packs and cumulative updates.  It is quite common for the installer GUI to complete and leave you under the false pretense that your environment is ready to go again, but...

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ATI Catalyst Drivers Installation

I love manufacturers who stubbornly refuse to conform to Industry standards for Driver and software Deployment.  ATI and NVidia are two such culprits who make the installation of drivers for their products using widely used deployment tools a royal pain in the arse....

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ConfigMgr 2012: 64bit file system redirection bites again…

Even though the ConfigMgr 2012 client is supposedly 64bit now, the issue with 64bit file system redirection is still very much a problem during Task Sequence and even regular package/program deployments when we want to copy things to the ‘Native’ “%Program Files%” or...

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