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Callisto 1904 Release Notes

Callisto 1904 is all about Baseline Compliance. This is a feature that's been requested more than any other by our customers and we're really pleased to finally have a shipping version of Callisto that provides this functionality. Baseline Compliance There are two...

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Hello System Center 2019..!

   On 14th March 2019 Microsoft announced that System Center 2019 is now generally available. This latest release is delivered in the LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) cadence, which provides five years of standard and five years of extended support that customers...

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Callisto 1902.2501 Release Notes

Callisto 1902.2501 is a minor release to address several performance and usability improvements. Software Usage Clicking any row in the software usage datatable now opens usage data in a software metering modal rather than a child page. Separate tabs show device vs...

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Callisto 1902 Release Notes

We've made many changes to the underlying HTML code in Callisto 1902. The installed Callisto product is now significantly smaller and we have optimised the CSS load time to further enhance the initial page load and page execution time. Together with the on-demand...

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Managing the Office 365 Client with Callisto

Managing the Office 365 Client with Callisto

When you have the Office 365 Pro Plus client in the environment, it has the same update channel configuration as Windows 10. Microsoft list the update channels on their Office 365 channel overview page. Helpfully, Microsoft also note that the three channels includes a...

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Callisto 1901 Release Notes

We're pleased to announce the availability of Callisto 1901. This release has focussed primarily on infrastructure and performance enhancements. We have a new installation routine which makes the database configuration more reliable and assists with first use. We are...

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Software Update Reporting with Callisto

Here at Apajove we've been delivering Configuration Manager consultancy and support for the past eight years, our consultancy team have experience going back to SMS 1.2 and we are huge fans of ConfigMgr. One thing that we all agree on is that the data that ConfigMgr...

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Task Sequence Reporting with Callisto

As ConfigMgr admins we all want to keep on top of the health and performance of OS Deployment and we want to make sure that everything is working as we expect it to. This can be a job in itself, but if we want to provide data to non-admins in the environment then...

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Creating an OS Deployment Dashboard

The number one customer request for Callisto in recent months has been for some visibility of OS deployment. In the ConfigMgr console we get some reasonable stats, but they're not particularly intuitive, you need the console installed and it's not really appropriate...

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