Here at Apajove we try to make sure that we all get together on a regular basis and sometimes we have tech-specific days to catch up on the latest bits of technology we’ve been deploying, highlight some of the interesting new things we’ve been doing and drive some standardization across the toolset.

We also try to hold these meetings in places that technical people find interesting. Our latest meet-up was held in September at The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park. It’s a cracking place!

As well as excellent meeting facilities, the museum tour included in our day was superb, taking up most of the afternoon as dragging the guys away from some of the exhibits proved rather challenging.

That is one MASSIVE hard disk and it stores up to 20MB!

It’s important to keep in touch with your computing roots, here Ben skilfully operates an Elliott 903 machine with a paper tape input.


In case you’re wondering what APAJOVE would look like punched out on tape, wonder no more:

Among the highlights of the museum, the reconstructed Colossus is worth the price of entry alone:


The WITCH (also know as the Harwell Dekatron) is something else to behold.

The Witch



The illuminated valves show the values held in each register. You can actually watch the machine step through each calculation. It’s fascinating stuff!

We did some work too.



And then got drenched karting in the Milton Keynes rain.


At night.