Apajove are delighted to team up with Cookdown to contribute to their awesome (and free!) Easy Tune product for System Center Operations Manager. Apajove are providing a ‘tuning pack’ which focuses on the some of the common alert noise generated by the internal SCOM management packs itself and some performance tweaks to the SCOM console. Our tuning pack is now available from the Easy Tune Community repository.

We at Apajove have delivered Operation Manager engagements since 2011 and know too well that though Operations Manager delivers some impressive results with it’s out-of-box configuration, without a good alert tuning strategy, users struggle to keep the ‘noise’ under control. Couple that with the extensive library of Management packs covering many different types of technology, the ‘SCOM Admin’s’ task of managing the tuning of thousands of rules and monitors on offer is often not easily achievable. This is predominately down to the ‘traditional’ way we apply overrides in Operations Manager and exposing what is actually monitored to the non-SCOM user.

This is where Easy Tune from Cookdown steps in.

Easy Tune essentially frees the SCOM admin of:

  • The headache of trying to determine what overrides should be applied where. The tuning packs can be presented to non-SCOM users to understand the different ‘levels’ of monitoring required from a given management pack.
  • Applying overrides one at a time.
  • Centralizing the overrides storage by avoiding the sprawl across multiple unsealed management packs.

Easy Tune simplifies the overall management of overrides. It provides the ability to deploy predefined ‘levels’ of overrides in bulk using ‘tuning packs’, and is all managed within the SCOM console:

The key element to Easy Tune is ‘tuning packs’. Tuning packs are predefined overrides which have been created by the community. They contain the creators recommended override values for the rule or monitor in question. Additionally, there are ‘levels’ of monitoring which can be used when applying the tuning pack. This is a great feature, as this provides a great starting point for applying a baseline level of overrides to deliver the monitoring and alerting level to suit the requirements of the business.


Cookdown also offer an ‘Pro’ version of the Easy Tune product which provide some fantastic features:

  • Migration tool which can assist in cleaning up existing overrides from a previous SCOM environment, before they are imported in the new SCOM environment.
  • Time-of-day alerting – This allows adjustment of override values to fit in with business hours.
  • Configuration drift detection – This provide a clear view of what overrides have been applied using Easy Tune vs any additional overrides applied which deviate from the monitoring levels defined.
  • PowerShell automation – Provides the ability to script tuning by integrating into workflows.