Apajove Accelerate



Apajove Accelerate is our rapid adoption approach for Operating System deployment. Building on Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Apajove Accelerate provides an environment supporting OS imaging and deployment in any and all scenarios including upgrade and downgrade between OS versions. Automated user state migration and application migration, support for disk encryption, repartitioning, advanced deployment scenarios and ease of support of the deployment process.


A Rapid Deployment Approach

Achieve rapid adoption of a new desktop environment. Begin deployment of a new OS environment within days.

Strong Foundations

Built on System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, MDOP and custom utilities.

All Scenarios

For new computers, refresh of existing computers, replacement or decommissioning, Accelerate has you covered from day one.

Common Problems Alleviated

Troublesome OS refresh problems such as encryption, low-bandwidth remote sites, OS downgrade, application provisioning. All are addressed from day one with Apajove Accelerate.

Flexibility for deployment in any and all scenarios

Some organisations have large-scale desktop and laptops environments concentrated in single or small-numbers of locations, others have globally distributed sites with poor connectivity and access issues. You may have up-to-date hardware with out-of-date applications, or end-of-life hardware in need of replacement. Irrespective of the requirements, Apajove Accelerate will enable you to rapidly begin deployment of a new Windows OS of your choice.

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